A.lways B.e C.reating; Put Your Ideas Ahead of Your Facebook Timeline

What have you made in the past 24 hours? And no, your Blue Apron meal doesn’t count. I’m asking you to think about the contributions that you’ve made to society.

Some people are fortunate enough to be able to answer this question readily. They may have a career that facilitates the creative process or may be disciplined enough to find the time to embrace it on their own…..and for some of us ….well not so much. Why is that?

The Creativity-Consumerism Continuum 

I thought this was brilliant. In hindsight I opted to google this verbiage and guess what….it’s already a thing…bummer…so what follows is my perspective devoid of the tons of literature floating about the interwebs. 

Ok so in my mind Creativity-Consumerism is a spectrum of existence. There are outliers but the vast majority of us fall somewhere between the two. That said, Creativity most certainly reigns superior to Consumerism in that it drives it. The lives of Consumers are not only influenced by, but determined by Creatives. These days it seems we are encouraged to sit on the sidelines while a select few muscle up and make the decision to MAKE SOMETHING instead of drooling, smartphones in hand taking it all in.

This is some heady shit right? So am I saying we’re all pawns in some gargantuan machine? No, it’s actually quite opposite. Intent and Mindfulness are tools that we can leverage to swing from one end of the spectrum to another. When we wake up in the morning we can make the conscious decision of which role we’ll play. This is a tough feat sometimes. 

I have a horrible habit of allowing my Facebook timeline and Instagram feed to make cameos in the first hour of my day. So the reality of that situation is this; before I brush my teeth in the morning I know where Cardi B. partied the night before and Gary Vee is in my face screaming at me to “capitalize on what I’m good at”. Now I could use some of what I see on my timeline to catapult into a super productive day but it never really goes down like that. I’m a spectator, pretty much all day. Once I make the conscious decision to sit in the stands at this cyber circus I’m a zombie. The start is important. 

So back to Intent and Mindfulness. The terms are worth capitalizing because…..well…. they’re just that powerful. These principles can transform the course of your day, your week, your life. I’m a few days away from 30 and am JUST learning about their gravity. But life is strange like that….I didn’t really wrap my head around discipline until my 5th year of undergrad….yup it took an extra year and tens of thousands of dollars to prompt me to desire some level of focus….better late than later right?

Part of what I wanted to achieve in beginning this blog was to create a cascade of events within myself and ALSO evoke some creative vibes among those that read this. So hey you…whatever is bringing you here, regardless of whether I know you or not….family, strangers, guy from TCNJ that I made out with at the Sig Pi luau in 2007…..I give a fuck about what you want to GIVE to the world and I encourage that process.  

So push yourself. Ask yourself frequently what you have created and more importantly what you WILL create and for whom. There’s ample takers, too many watchers, bystanders. If there’s something you want to do or try…do that.

bless up and always be creating ❤