Glass Animals; For the NightOwl in You


Ok …this is going to get weird but walk with me for like 15 seconds….Envision a drum circle comprised of a few guys in corduroy and flannel. This drum circle takes place inside of a kaleidoscope that happens to be made out of licorice….both the black and red kinds. That’s the Glass Animals sound.

A few hipsters from Oxford (that helped, I LOVE the Brits)….making kick-ass music. In listening to them I’ve gotta say that there’s something about their kind of noise that elicits a (nocturnal) creativity. Laid back but kind of heavy if that makes sense? It’s not melancholy…it’s just different. Nice background to get your own mo-jo flowing and dream things up for execution at a later date. Well… least that’s what it does for me.

Lately I’ve been on a binge of vibey, heady stuff. These guys check those boxes without going completely off the deep end, they get damn close though. Each track is a mixture of cosmic sounds and I think the Glass Animals manage to nail a distinct feel in every song which is the bait. You legitimately have no idea what realm you’re entering at first listen so if you dig unpredictability you’ll appreciate these unique permutations of groovy elements (tambourines, pineapples, glitter etc):

Poplar St – intro is reminiscent of that “Sugar How’d You Get So Fly” pop jam from way back…don’t worry it’s not that
Cocoa Hooves   well, why the fuck not?
Walla Walla – dark but fun
Exxus – orrrrr Sexxus? test drive it, you’ll see what I’m talking about it

Please resist the temptation to listen to their track Lose Control with Joey BadA$$….it’s kind of shitty (IMHO). No shade to any of artists, but just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. The collaboration might have helped to put Glass Animals on the map but it definitely isn’t representative of their groove.

These boys are rad. If you’re feeling them to the extent that I did and you live in or close to Philly, you’re in luck…They’ll be rocking the Fillmore Friday, October 6 2017. Rad venue, rad band, enjoy ❤

Backstory to the video below:

We’re out in North Philly shooting some content for this blog. The weather is wacksauce but we wanted to get some outdoor footage. We’re on a side street and there’s a loud bang….Ryan and I freeze not knowing what happened. He notices the transformer blew….the lights inside the studio are going in and out in unison with the flickering live wire. Instead of waiting for this strobe like nuisance to stop we go back inside and shoot….this sketchy clip accompanied by Glass Animals “Exxus” is the result.