Working for the Weekend

Recently, and now more than ever, I’m noticing that so many of my frivolous weekday conversations are about how slow the week is going. My adult discourse with colleagues and strangers alike largely consists of this bullshit-ass countdown for the weekend.

“How are you doing?”

“Well, I’m here…..It’s Wednesday.”

This cannot be life. Is being an adult 85% droning about how much you wish it was a different day? Or living a life outside of how you spend the majority of your reality? I could be dreaming, but I feel like if this is your M.O. you’re doing it wrong. You’re not tired, you’re bored. Since I’m still on the fence about reincarnation my only suggestion is for all of us to hurry the fuck up and find out what gets us fired up, passionate, blows our hair back….because you get one stab at this trip on the EarthRock.

Spending 5/7 of your life looking forward to a day ……beyond today just doesn’t seem like nailing it. ❤