Meal prep can be a real drag. For the most part, my meals consist of a protein, a vegetable and some starch/carb component. Tons of lazy health nuts (like myself) probably fold sweet potatoes into their meals close to weekly to serve as their guilt-free starch. Sweet potatoes are healthy, taste good with just about anything, are fairly cheap, and keep you full which tends to be key when you engage in a more controlled way of consumption. We hate the word “diet”.

All of that said, at this point, some of us are probably super bored with sweet potatoes right?….not to worry…. 

Kabocha is of the squash fam. Japanese in origin, it tastes a little like sweet potato but larger, versatile, and doesn’t cost a whole lot either. These guys are rich in Vitamin A (pretty stellar for your skin in case you were wondering why you should give a fuck) and low on carbs (rad for obvious reasons).

The prep is easy-peasy as well. If you can get a knife through it, split it in half, remove the seeds, and brush the open face with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, sugar, cinnamon…whatever you’d like. If it’s too tough to crack open, baking it whole will soften it. The beauty of it is that you can swing this vegetable to be sweet or savory.  If you’re having trouble dreaming up dishes to make with Kabocha try this on….My favorite = fried egg& Kabocha (…I’m a breakfast nut. More to come on that)

Go and get yourself some!

Life’s short, eat well, eat colors, eat pretty shit.