…These Black Days We’re Falling On

snapcred: gettyimages

I was at work this evening when I heard of the attack at the Manchester Arena during Ariana Grande’s concert. After the immediate shock and dismay slammed into my chest I remembered the attack at the Bataclan several years ago. That familiar sinking feeling, unspeakable sadness wondering why and how.

How do we make sense of such a hateful act executed in a place where humans are convening just to be human, to exist, to relate, enjoy, emote, and enjoy the human experience.

My thoughts are all over the place but maybe what follows can clarify.

Music mimics life and vice versa. The patterns, the structure, the (heart)beats, the genres…music is life. Somewhere deep down we all feel that. If you’re ever in a public setting when a stellar, undeniably GOOD song comes on do yourself a favor and observe the beauty of people all along every possible spectrum, every race, creed, gender….Watch how they respond to a captivating mixture of sounds and even more fascinating… the impact that it has on how they interact with one another.

Music does something to the effect of stripping away everything that we’ve been schooled to think makes us so different and for 3-5 minutes just makes us human.

Today something destroyed a piece of that.

We have limited access to news sources at work so naturally we all took to our smartphones. I did myself the disservice of peeking at my timeline during this time frame. Already with the political speculation, faux mourning, association with SOME aspect of this tragedy to glean sympathy, “My aunt lived in Manchester”, “I’m a huge Ariana Grande fan,” “I was in the UK last summer,”…and everyone is itching to change their profile picture to Union Jack.

We are indeed in sad times.