Packing (Buddha) Bowls

snapcred: Just Jo

Over the past month or so I’ve been jonesing on what the interwebs is now calling Buddha Bowls. I swear if the masses could come up with a trendy title for everything they would. But anyway, what I’ve discovered about myself (and likely all humans since I play one on TV) is that we like all sorts of shit…indecision is our MO. We pretend that less is more, but more is really more…options are what we love. That’s why Buddha Bowls are so glorious.

What’s a Buddha Bowl?

It’s essentially a variety of ingredients arranged in an orderly/ visually appeasing way in one bowl. Want rice, potatoes, raw fish, and the kitchen sink? No problem, just stay within the lines, plate in a way that is pleasing to the eye and enjoy…wait you’ve got to post to social media at some point…no pics it didn’t happen….. remember?

I saw several sources that allude to the idea that Buddha Bowls are typically vegetarian but…honestly, I don’t really need that sort of malarkey in my world. I like meat, I eat it, it’s going in the bowls.

So anyway…..back to the variety and diverse nature of the Buddha Bowl….this is important because it speaks to human inclination to want to be satisfied in more ways than just taste during a meal. I’m no dietician, I just eat a lot and I enjoy it. I’m a firm believer that it’s not just the food, it’s the experience; tastes, colors, smells, sounds, all have bearing on how satisfied we are with a meal, and effectively how much we feel the need to eat. It is the entire package. Lend your senses to each facet of a meal……and try on a Buddha Bowl.

Try this……take the time to fill a bowl with food items that you like or are curious about, distance yourself from your phone, put on your favorite music, put on an agreeable playlist, slide into your favorite sweats and eat….engulf yourself in the meal and unplug from all else for like….45 minutes.

(Sidebar suggestion for nibble-jam: “Road” – Nick Drake)

Let me know how that goes 😉