“Everybody, close your eyes, ascend, go up,”

“Go Up” a Cassius ft Pharrell  & CatPower….One of my former classmates posted this sensory masterpiece the other day…..stamp of approval.. had to check it.

Disregard this track’s opening line. Keep your eyes open, like all the way open. This video is probably the most visually satisfying thing you’ll see for a while. Each frame features a strange juxtaposition of footage that somehow works perfectly each and every time. A human head erupting into a volcano, a guy popping some pill rolls into a golf ball popping out of the 18th hole, a surfer riding a wave that ends up being a line blown through a dollar bill… whaaaaaat?….Trippy stuff no doubt.

The song itself is equally dope. Upbeat, light, twangy easily a summer anthem but hopefully not. Let’s not butcher this one, but if we do I’ll totally get it. The track just feels really fucking good. Pharrell’s vocals can turn anything to gold but the instrumentals are solid as well. Each verse does a rad job of building us up for the drop. I can imagine the rosé being spilled all over my bare feet at some random venue this summer to “Go Up” already!

This (IMO…since they’re new to me) rando French EDM duo produced this track featuring Pharrell. That’s typically how it happens. An artist will cover someone that I deem to be A1 then I’ll check them out. That said, these guys, Cassius, have been around for a minute! I took a listen to their album, Cassius 1999, and recognized “Feeling for You” and “Planetz”. If you’re around my age the album will ring bells but it’s unlikely that anything will jump out. When we were this age wearing cartoon heads, doing illicit drugs, and fist-pumping like maniacs wasn’t a thing yet (no shade DJ Marshmallow). Interesting how certain songs can be in your subconscious but you never really dug in…I guess Wikipedia wasn’t a research tool when I was 12?

Any way you cut it, these gentlemen are certified ill. Fuck with them, ascend…go up!