I Love the Way…..

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POP MUSIC! Why does this make some of us cringe? Becaaaaaause the vast majority of the stuff they’re cramming down our throats is trash?

Valid point but OMFG FR FR Ariana Grande is so good.

I beat “Side to Side” to death this winter which is a sin because I can totally envision myself at Center City Sips in a romper and cork wedges singing my little heart out to that song….don’t worry it still might happen šŸ˜‰ But recently I was reminded of how good “Break Free” is. Any woman that has endured a crappy relationship and subsequent breakup can relate to this song….and like honestly….this track will INCITE a breakup. This is a “Girl, leave him,” track and I’m not really mad at it.

Ariana Grande has made it more than acceptable to be in love with the simple pleasures/not so simple woes of being a girl AND she is super talented. It’s tough to nail that. I hate to make comparisons but listening to her makes me float back to my first listen of Mariah Carey’s Daydream. I’m pretty sure I got that album along with my first CD player for Christmas one year. I was much too young to identify with all of the lyrics but it was fun prancing around my room….. “I can’t be elusive with you, Honaaaaay” belting it out into my paddle brush as my mom is telling me to pipe down from rooms away.

Some POP is popular because it’s GOOD….not because the Illuminati is at work :::looks around::::.

I digress: “Side to Side“, “Love me Harder“, “One Last Time“, and my favorite…..”The Way” will be in the clasSICK pile for years to come. Keep doing it up Ari ā¤