I am admittedly apathetic.

Off the rip this sounds terrible but allow me to elucidate. I do not ACTIVELY seek out as much information that would make me an ADEQUATELY informed citizen as I should. i.e. not relying on the countless headlines that I’m being forcefed, looking past the articles that folks in my immediate circle are posting. Many times when I pursue the information that I feel is necessary to inform me of the world’s “hap-nins” I get anxiety, sad, confused…..I used to be a BBC faithful…but lately that shit scares me…..The guy in charge of the US of A has Twitter beef……try that one on

My situation in a nutshell : My friend suggested her favorite podcast to me a while back……and instead I ripped through the Migos Album…..ratchet and repugnant..

So here lies the rub. I am of the MINORITY in admitting that this is a shortcoming of mine. Meanwhile back on the ranch there are numerous goobers in all of our social networks that are faking this “WOKE” funk. “Fake News” is dominating the wireless fidelity and we’re spending more time arguing, and sifting than uplifting.

Within the recent past there has been a noticeable polarization in most of our social circles; the liberal, the conservatives, and the fluff in between that conveniently (and likely strategically) have nothing to say about anything political. This dynamic is so exhausting that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Since this is MY creative space, I’ll go as far as saying that this same polarization played a huge role in my determining that MAYBE traditional social media avenues weren’t the best place to be spilling whatever comes to my mind. The Facebook vibe is SOOOOOO heavy. SO maybe I’m in hiding? Not sure what the solution is but something certainly must give.

Until we come to some sort of agreement I’ll be in the cut listening to random mixtapes praying to the Powers that Be that the music will bring it all together.