Tx K. Dot

snapcred: K. Lamar via YouTube

“Be Humble”…….Needle scratching haphazardly against vinyl followed by striking electric guitar intro:

Mr. Lamar was not fucking around on this one. This juicy beat is reminiscent of West Coast circa ’96. Imagine over-the-top hydrolics on a shiny brown big body with 300 spokes, this track is everything…..

K Dot just provided the artillery for music listeners everywhere to tell the fake-ones to take several seats. What’s super dope about this track is that it’s a CONSCIOUS easy listen. In his recently released ode to stretch marks and all that is authentic Kendrick takes us back to when he was eating syrup sandwiches to the present…now he’s got that “parmesan”. Not the trash-bag bang-bang shoot-em-up rhetoric that we’ve all grown addicted to. It’s cunning, classic, boastful, swaggy, gritty, minimally processed, and still palatable enough to get us through a work out. We need more of this. We need more mainstream entities encouraging us to endorse what is real. Ditch the eye shadow palette for a weekend, take your weave out, and be OK with your dimply thighs. All that is real and true…is good, supreme in fact.

I don’t watch music videos often. I don’t think I’m alone there. But maybe we should reconsider. Lots of overlooked art here. Some would probably deem Kendrick’s latest sacrilegious. The opening image seems to be him maybe in a basilica donning pope-like garb. A later shot mimics the Last Supper. Peppered in are clips of Lamar covered in schmonies…like enough money to bring out the KingPin in all of us….like quit your day job type shit. The entire video is an experience. You could easily extract an epic photo series for a house on the hill from this video…it’s that on point from a freeze-frame content potential standpoint.

This taste test has me kind of pumped for what K Dot’s new album might look like. I’ll be at the edge of my seat until then.

(Sidenote: By the time I unveil this blog to the masses K Dot will PROBABLY already have released his album so ummmmm…..enjoy my first listen in retrospect)