First Brew

I guess this has been a long time coming. My first blog post in the history of ever-dom. I thought about delaying rolling this out, and I still might…. but the New Year seemed like a more than appropriate occasion to flock among the sheeple seeking to better themselves and do something new and exciting. One of my issues is and has always been starting. I will premeditate the hell out of an idea and then think of a million roadblocks, get discouraged, and bail…a few months later, on to the next.

A little while back during one of my Sunday Fundays I took a passegiata into Barnes and Noble. I had a post-mimosa buzz going and was feeling ambitious and eager for worldly knowledge. I leafed through a couple of random books they had out on display, each themed in being a female navigating your late 20’s/ early 30’s. Each bullshit. There’s no blueprint for any of this stuff. You kind of just have to figure it out. I moved on to the poetry section. Leafed through a few pages there, read some haikus, sonnets and shit, grew disinterested, on to the business/economy section and boom I see it…. “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki. I recognized this author’s name from the dark ages of TCNJ undergrad. I’m sure one of my professors assigned part of if not all of one of his books but I sure as shit never read it. But on this particular day I was sold on it. That uber superficial familiarity sealed the deal.

I marched to the checkout reeking of audacity and overpriced La Marca (shitty prosecco), bought the book (along with a few other random reads) and some B&N membership I’ll be surprised if I ever use again.

The Art of the Start….this book that I was so pumped to take home and have inspire me to BEGIN projects of my own, has been sitting on my windowsill without so much as a peek at the preface. And that has been my problem. That oscillating from red hot passion and excitement to create something to baby piss lukewarm “bleh”-ness has been my curse for some time. So in that, I am pulling the trigger and putting a touch of my ideation on display in hopes that MAYBE, just maybe the prospect of being asked “so whatever happened to that thing you were working on”…deters me from letting it die.